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Questions and Answers

We have been Guiding now for 10 years, We get all kinds of questions..Here are the most asked questions with our answers.

How long is the Tour.......4 to 5 hours

When do we launch.......For local guests, 800am - for cruise ship guests, 10 minutes after we pick you up

Do you pick us up.......Yes for our Cruise Ship guests, for local guests if you have no transportation, we can arrange a pick up

Is there shade on the boat....No

Are there bathrooms on the boat.....No

Are kids allowed....Yes indeed

Do you provide drinks...Yes we have a 55qt cooler with lots of waters and gatorades for everyone

Do you provide snacks....Yes, we provide the Jack Link's meat snacks, so yummy!!!

Can we bring beer...Yes, no more than 12

Do we need a fishing license. No, each boat has them for 4 guests and guide

How many people can we put in one boat....4 is the MAX per boat

Can we take our catch home...YES, we allow folks to keep what they can eat for lunch or dinner

Do you clean the catch...Yes

Tips....Always appreciated

Do you go into the ocean....NO, we love our inshore fishing

What is inshore fishing.....Meaning we only fish throughout the harbor area and in the shallows of the Ria

Sea Sickness....Never has anyone been sea sick on our tours...all safe shallow water fishing....No big waves at all

What style rods to you use....We only provide top quality Eagle Claw Spin Cast rod and reels

Do you use live bait.....We use mostly lures and sometimes for tarpon live sardines that we catch on the beach

What fish do we catch....We target Tarpon, catch and release, Snook, eatable, Speckled Sea Trout, eatable, Barracuda plus numerous other sport fish...

Do you guarantee we will catch fish....No

What do we wear.....A hat and sunscreen is always advised. We are in the sun for 4 hours or so so be prepared if you burn easy

Is Paypal the only means of depositing.....Yes for all non local guests, if you live nearby us you may drop it off

Do you accept Dollars or Pesos....Either is fine, no worries

Do you offer Fly Fishing....We use all spin cast rods but have hosted numerous fly fisherman over the years, you tho must provide all your own fly gear

What if the weather is bad....We will make that call that morning and if we need to cancel we will refund your deposit or reschedule for another day

What if we cannot make it for our trip....Please see our cancelation policy  

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