Howdy folks! If you are reading this then for sure you are looking forward to coming to Progreso Mexico and to fish with us! The fishing here in Progreso, over the past 10 years for me has been so amazing! Inshore, safe, calm water and the tarpon, snook, trout and additional species we catch have been such a blast for our guests. 

Since Covid in 2020, our tours have been coming back strong. The fall is upon us now and we are catching lots of tarpon from 10 to 40 pounds and the trout we're always catching back in the Ria. And if you are lucky to fish with us with on out going tide when the snook are biting, then the chance for a few big ones are there.

If you want to fish with then by all means send us an email at, let us know your date request and the number of guests. We respond super fast and would love to get you on the water while visiting Progreso Yucatan Mexico