Howdy everyone, if you are following our posts here very sorry for not posting in the past months....As it turns out we have been so busy fishing with folks. Lat year we hosted 114 tours and so far this year we have already hosted 92....going to be an awesome year for YucatanSnook Fishing tours and we are so excited....The speckled sea trout this winter and spring have been so awesome to fight. Seems we always have days of 30 fish or more with only a few off days if that. 

We are proud to announce as well that we are now part of the Captains and Guides program with Okuma. We use the Okuma Saphina Pro spin combo as well as the Reflections and Tarvos spin cast rods. These rods totally rock for the style of fishing we do here....

The weather has been awesome here, if you lot it hot, and the fishing has been hotter!!! We are excited for the month of July to come upon as the Tarpon start their migration into the Ria...Last year the biggest Tarpon was 63 pounds and we shooting for new record this year!!! 

If you are visiting here from a cruise ship as the Carnival lines visit here every week, then please contact us today to book your shore excursion...If you live here then just call me and we can set it up for you...Cheers!