By Randy Miller

San Felipe has thrown its hat into the ring of major tourist destinations. While other beaches are saturated with tourists, little San Felipe still remains a place where people can relax and enjoy what has come to be known as eco-tourism. Only 189 km from Merida, San Felipe offers 11 different tourist attractions, including birdwatching, the archaeological remains on Cerritos Island, and night observations of lagartos (crocodiles) in Hochan End. San Felipe is a major destination for feeding flamingos and a huge biosphere that consists of on- and offshore wonders. Ria Lagartos also has fishing tours, turtle watching, and snorkeling – with transportation to Isla Holbox for whaleshark-watching as well. The merchants of San Felipe have decided to keep prices the same year-round, so tourists can be certain that they are being well treated. There are four hotels in town, as well as 30 homes for rent and spaces to camp on the beach. Hotel rooms run from $350 MXP to $500 MXP per day and the rental homes run from $400 MXP to $500 MXP per day, and each has room for two to three families.


There are five restaurants in San Felipe: El Payaso, Kiko, Vaselina, Danilú and La Cueva del Buzo. The management of Kikos recommends ordering the platillo confeti (confetti plate) which is a seafood platter of 11 different fish and seafood dishes that will feed four adults. San Felipe has long been considered off the beaten track, but it looks as if this little pastel village has gotten its tourism feet wet and loves it.