Howdy folks! What a super crazy time these past months have been! From January 1st to March 30, YucatanSnook was blessed with 102 total fishing excursions with guests...Then all hell broke loose and everything just STOPPED!!! No more cruise ships porting, tourism died and stay at home orders put in place...We all know the story..

Fast forward to June 1st 2020...Things are still very slow to open here in the Yucatan. We have out with guests since June 1 and have had some amazing fishing days for Tarpon, Snook and Trout...In fact since the first of June we have over the past 10 days 22 Tarpon hook ups with half making it to the boat for the pic...Please visit our YouTube page to watch some exciting videos from our previous catches...  

We do realize the come back is going to be slow for our tourism here in the Yucatan, everyone at all levels are feeling the strains. What gets me personally through it all is that I am fishing and catching fish again...and I love no more than to put guests on a Tarpon, that thrill is my joy. 

Folks, if you are planning a visit to the Yucatan in the future, and you love to fish, then by all means give us shout and we will put you on the fish!! has been fishing this area here for 10 years now and know what the fish are doing and where they hide!!! We are proudly the number 1 inshore fishing guide service here in the Yucatan. We Love to Fish...Cya soon!!!!!!