Howdy folks, well this summer here in Progreso has been really awesome...We have had since May 1st 33 tarpon hook ups and a dozen photos with the fish. The specks are always on and some big fish have been caught which is typical for the summer months in our shallow back water lagoon.

Tarpon are both in the marina area and back in the lagoon...we are catching the 20 to 50 pound range and on light action tackle, the fight is a blast.

We have created and now filmed 2 of the first seasonsĀ“ 8 episodes of YucatanAnglersTV...This is our new fishing TV show that we are marketing to the Outdoor Channel, Netflix and our own TV channel, that will able to be viewed on Apple TV, Hulu, Ruku and Fire TV. Once the commitments are filled we will loudly announce when you will be able to view our exciting new fishing show...All inshore fishing in the Yucatan of Mexico at its best!!!

Folks if you live here or just visiting our area, coming in on a cruise ship, if you love to fish, you gotta check us out...Still the number one inshore fishing guide service in the Yucatan.