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January 2014 Fishing Report

January 4, 2014
January here in the Yucatan can be tricky for catching a good calm day to actually go fishing. Norte's as they are called here, or a cold front, always seems to come from the northeast and can blow up to 20 km an hour, making ocean fishing out of the question. If it is not raining, then Ria fishing can still be possible on the down side of the mangroves. The bite is tough, snook and tarpon seem to stop, you can see them in the shallows, but they are a tough bite when a Norte is over head. The trout on the other hand, tear it up. The shrimp move into the shallows during the cold fronts and the trout know it. Always a good bite and a great top water attacker. 

We still have some date available for January and February so email us to reserve your trip. Weather permitting of course!

This is the Beautiful Yucatan

December 4, 2010
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San Felipe Ready for Tourism!

August 18, 2010

By Randy Miller

San Felipe has thrown its hat into the ring of major tourist destinations. While other beaches are saturated with tourists, little San Felipe still remains a place where people can relax and enjoy what has come to be known as eco-tourism. Only 189 km from Merida, San Felipe offers 11 different tourist attractions, including birdwatching, the archaeological remains on...

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The key to tarpon fishing is.......

February 13, 2010
The key to tarpon fishing is keeping your presentation as natural as possible. Tarpon are fish with a very keen awareness of their surroundings. I learned much about tarpon a long time ago in Florida. I was staying in a place off a saltwater lake that was teaming with tarpon in the twenty to fifty pound range. It was my first time fishing for tarpon. You could see them swimming in the water but whenever I place bait near them they would not grab it. I noticed they would swim by areas that I w...
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Snook Fishing Secrets

December 23, 2009

Light Tackle Tactics for Big Fish

Today everybody uses light tackle for snook. Yet there are still many misconceptions about snook gear.

The most important piece of equipment for catching big snook on light tackle is the rod. Scott uses long stiff rods for several reasons.

First of all the whitebait that is so important to a successful snook trip between March and October can be easily thrown off when casting. Also ...

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December 23, 2009


SCIENTISTS REMAIN AMBIGUOUS on whether it's possible for a mangrove to reach out and grab a snook plug. But personally, I'm convinced. I've seen them do it many times.

In fact, I suspect that the mangrove was genetically engineered by a crazed snook-plug manufacturer, for the express purpose of maximizing his sales. That's the only explanation of a tree that grows with its twisti...

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