Ok, ok, ok, I know it has been since May since I posted a fishing report. Forgive me, been really busy and not much of a writer. The fishing since the spring here in Ria has been for the most part awesome as it always is. Don't get me wrong, because of tidal, weather and water clarity, the fishing sometimes is more like fishing instead of catching. I would step out and say that 90% of the times we have had clients out or just myself, the fishing is AWESOME.

Top water is still the lure of choice for the trout and snook, the occasional mackerel or barracuda. The tarpon have been liking soft green plastics and shrimp. Speaking of the tarpon, as you can see on the home page here I caught this one in early October. They have been in abundance all summer and then, after the king tide and full moon combo, they left. I mean just gone! I have searched for them throughout the area and am baffled to where they moved off to, maybe back to sea. From past notes tho, throughout the winter months they will hang out in an area we always go to first that holds millions of fry and smaller sardines. We have caught them, the tarpon, on top water as well and what a fight these guys put up. I fished this past Sunday and put 8 good trout in the boat. 

In short, this fishing is always fun here and the area as well is so beautiful and peaceful.