What a beautiful Saturday this turned out to be. The forecasters for sure got it right. Light westerly wind, cool temps, and when this happens, the BIG trout turn on. Speckled Sea Trout that is. They are abundant back in the Ria and today the big ones showed up indeed.

Larry, his wife Sherry and I caught a total of 15 trout, 5 we threw back and of the final 10, 6 were over 2 pounds, one at 2.6 and the last caught by myself, 3.6 pounds, ranks as one of the biggies caught here in the past four years.

If you are coming to Progreso, Merida or the beach areas, and want to go fishing, not in the ocean, but in a beautiful space like The Ria, call on us today. YucatanSnook.com

The fishing the past few months here has been awesome, many very happy clients, some that have said that it was their first ligament fish they have ever caught. For me that is awesome because we are actually fishing for these fish. All top water lures so the action is the key. Makes me proud that folks can pick it up so easily and catch BIG fish.