I am sorry for not posting more here in our blog but seriously I am fishing so much, not a lot of time after relaxation to get to it....but here is is....As always the fishing here is has been awesome as folks can read from our TripAdvisor reviews. The speckled sea trout here are always on and we are always catching 30 to 60 fish per outing and a number of 2 and 3 plus pounders. On the Okuma light action rod and reels the fight is a blast.

As my notes stated over the past 3 years the Tarpon begin to move into the Ria area of Chelem and Chuburna in July. They were right on point as of today July 2nd we chased and threw at about 50 small to medium size tarpon in the shallows. It was our first attempt at them as we did not have the luck today, but still tomorrow and the next four days, to do our best to get one on the hook in the first week!.......They are not an easy fish to catch and we never guarantee you will catch a tarpon but the thrill when you do is soooooo worth it!!!

Will last years monster be beat this year?????.....Book with us and take a shot...We are the number one guided fishing tour service here in the Yucatan and that is because...we love to fish.....Book today by emailing us your date requests and questions... 

By the way, our Tarpon stay in now thru December.....Speckled sea trout are always on and the shot for a triple header with a Snook is at your reach!