Well as you can see by my last blog post being in May, we have been real busy!!! Fishing all spring and the summer has been awesome. Lots and lots of people from all around the world have visited and we have caught lots of fish. The past two months has been a tad tough as the water has gone to a tea color. Even tho we are still finding pockets of clean clear water, the fishing has not been the best. It is picking up tho as the water is starting to clean up and that makes for awesome winter sea trout fishing. The winter is when to big girls come in and the time is now. 

I promise to stay on top of this blog to allow visitors an insight to what is happening here on the Ria. 

I do want to boast that for the first time in 5 years of guiding on the Ria, I had the opportunity to see my first alligator. Only a small 3 footer but a joy to see an American Alligator in salt water. 

The ripple you see is the gator chasing the top water lure we were throwing. 

Join us here in the Yucatan for a day of really fun fishing top water style. Cheers and and a Very Merry Christmas to Everyone.