Wow folks, the fishing is awesome..........I am so sorry I have not posted here since December, but we have been really busy. The fishing is keeping us on the water an average of 3 times a week plus we also own and operate a full on Garden Center, maintenance biz and Farmers Market.....So about the FISHING.....the speckled sea trout fishing this year so far has been awesome.....huge trout have been caught on almost every outing! tarpon the past year was fare.....meaning it sucked......dingy water gave us fits all winter but the water now in the Ria is crystal clear......Tarpon are now gone till October and the Snook will move in in the summer months, about 2 more months! BUT. top water fishing for the specs has been and will continue to be fantastic!!!!!

If you wanna book a tour with us, then al means give us a shout, either by email at or call us on our local cell at 52-999-243-0883 and book your tour today! Cruise ship pick up and return is free! Check out our latest commercial to see the beauty of the Ria......Top water fishing at its finest! Who wants to go fishing?